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Open Knowledge Nepal is an open network of open knowledge enthusiasts. We are a non-profit organization comprised by openness freaks, mainly self-motivated youths who believes that openness of data is so much powerful in order to have a participatory government with civil society, eventually leading to sustainable development as a whole. We build tools and communities to develop, share, and use open knowledge - content and data that everyone can use, share and build on. We want to enable as many people as possible to have access to the information they need and the tools and skills to use it to improve the world. But doing this requires time and money.  All our work is provided openly and for free. Your support is vital for us to continue and expand our work all over South Asia.


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How else can I support the Open Knowledge Nepal?

Another great way to support organization is by volunteering, help us to build different kinds of data tools and products, organize open knowledge event in your community and increase digital literacy. Why not become one of them? If you would like to get involved please visit the Get Involved page.

Open Knowledge Nepal is a non-profit organization, All the donation are 100% tax deductible in depending upon country laws.